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Play Therapy

*All sessions are in person.
* All sessions are biweekly.
* Days and times to be announced.
* There is a separate group for adults and another for children.

Playing Tug of War

There are two kinds of play therapy, nondirective, and directive. Nondirective play allows the
client to take the lead and play freely. While directed play is guided by the therapist and is more structured. Research shows that over 70% of clients who engage in plate therapy experience a positive change. Common benefits include reduced behavior problems such as grief, anger, or trauma.
Play therapy can also help clients of all ages work through their issues and improve daily life. It
can help children get to the source of their issues and help heal them without them having to
“know” why they are distressed. Play therapy also helps adult clients express and explore their issues through the symbolic use of toys and games and allows open communication of thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to express verbally.

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