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Now, more than ever, it’s common to experience a constant wide range of emotions. Dealing with anxiety and stress on a daily basis can feel like fighting an uphill battle. Hypnotherapy is a safe, guided experience that involves imagery and focus in order to gain insight into how past events and traumas create behavior patterns.

Hypnotherapy can work very well when used in tandem with regular “talk” therapies. It can allow for different insights about what causes behavior and ease negative, unconscious feelings about life events. The more common ways that hypnotherapy can enhance your life are as follows:

Stop smoking, lose weight, and conquer fears.

Learn why you have physical cravings and more complex behavior cravings and what their differences are. My methods do not focus on building willpower to resist desires. Instead, it focuses on behavior change to remove these desires altogether. Rather than giving something up like a sacrifice, you are ridding yourself of something you no longer want or need.

PTSD, anxiety, and stress relief.

Unresolved fears or anxiety stemming from criticisms or negativity can hinder us and create conflicts. This can reduce your natural learning abilities. Hypnosis can allow your subconscious access to its natural learning capabilities, relieving tension, fears, and stress.

Past life regression. These one-on-one sessions will allow you to remember, in detail, your own past and past lives significant for your current relationships and goals in this life. Analyzing your past and past life and uncovering patterns and behaviors can help you become more aware of current and upcoming events in your own life. 

*Hypnotherapy sessions are every Monday by appointment.

* All sessions are Virtual

We have appointments made to fit your busy schedule.
Weekend and Evening hours are available.

or reach out directly using one of the contact options below

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