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Support Group Meeting

Group Counseling

Movement Therapy

Movement is beneficial for both physical and mental health. When we move, we increase our muscular strength, coordination, and mobility.  At the same time, we decrease muscular tension.  In general, it can help you reduce stress, increase mood management, and improve self-confidence and self-esteem.

When we exercise our bodies, serotonin (the “feel good” hormone that makes you feel content) is released and encourages us to experience our movements without judgement.  Movement Therapies are a wonderful way of learning to pay attention to the senses, both inside and out.  As well as teaching an alternative way to express emotions. This is very helpful when processing trauma and other uncomfortable issues that are imprinted in our minds and, as a result, experienced in our bodies and nervous systems.

In this group we will utilize the different techniques of Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT), yoga, and Breath Work to process emotional and/or behavioral health, relieve stress, improve confidence and self-esteem, and increase fine and gross motor skills. Our purpose is to achieve emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration.


* All sessions are Virtual.

Play Therapy

There are two kinds of play therapy, nondirective, and directive. Nondirective play allows the
client to take the lead and play freely. While directed play is guided by the therapist and more
structured. Research shows that over 70% of clients who engage in plate therapy experience a
positive change. Common benefits include reduced behavior problems such as grief, anger or
Play therapy can also help clients of all ages work through their issues and improve daily life. It
can help children get to the source of their issues and help heal them without them having to
“know” why they are distressed. Play therapy also helps adult clients express and explore their
issues through symbolic use of toys and games and allows open communication of thoughts
and feelings that may be difficult to express verbally.
In this group, we will use both directive and non-directive play to help strengthen emotional
expression, self-esteem, and self-awareness. Our purpose is to improve communication,
expand problem-solving and social skills, as well as to reduce stress to find relaxation.
*All sessions are in person.
* All sessions are biweekly.
* Days and times to be announced.
* There is a separate group for adults and another for children.

Creative Arts Therapy

Creativity has been essential in therapy since its inception. Arts and crafts have been used to promote physical health and well-being, independence, and freedom, as well as problem-solving.  The multi-sensory engagements, repetitive actions, and ultimate satisfaction of making something are related to the release of neurotransmitters that promote joy and well-being while also reducing stress hormones.


Research shows that crafting is much more than just an outlet for personal expression or to just pass the time. Crafting can help reduce anxiety, improve moods, and increase happiness.  Arts and crafts have shown that expression through art can help people of all ages with depression, anxiety, and stress. It has also been linked to improving memory, reasoning, and resilience in adults.  Arts and crafts can also allow children to be creative, which is an important life skill. It builds confidence and academic success.


In this group, we will utilize arts and crafting activities to provide a chance for self-expression, coping strategies, and improve physical and social functioning. Our purpose is to reduce levels of stress and anxiety, increase self-esteem, and to assist self-discovery by helping acknowledge feelings, and letting go of negativity.


* All sessions are virtual and biweekly.

* There is a separate group for adults and another for children.

Guided Meditation

Meditation is a mind-body practice that can help reduce negative emotions and their physical
effects. During meditation we cultivate awareness and increased attention to the present. In
general, it can help you reach a relaxed, focused state, help reduce stress, and promote an
overall sense of well-being.
Guided meditation is a form of focused relaxation where the facilitator uses imagery to help
create harmony between the mind and the body. It is a way of focusing your imagination to
create calm, peaceful images and to provide a “mental escape “. It is similar to a feeling of time
slowing down while the body relaxes.
The relaxation response we experience during guided meditation can help lower blood
pressure and improve heart rate, breathing, and brain waves. Meditation can also reduce
problems related to stress, as well as reaching goals such as pain management, losing weight,
and promote healing.
In this group we will explore and release physical, mental, and emotional blocks by using
guided meditation and mindful breathing. Our purpose is to achieve mental, emotional, and
often physical balance, healing, and stress relief.
*This group will meet the second and last Monday of every month at 8pm.
* All sessions are Virtual.
* All sessions are biweekly.
* Days and times to be announced.

Dog Therapy

Dogs make very effective therapy animals and have been found to be the most beneficial animal used in therapeutic settings, second only to horses. This is because of their innate sensitivities to human emotion. Most dogs naturally pay attention to human behaviors and actions to determine our “energies “and then react accordingly.


Therapy Dogs are an are a great way to encourage safe social interactions. They are trained to be attentive to people’s needs and to offer unconditional love.  Studies show that interacting with dogs can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. They can also ease loneliness, encourage movement, and can improve overall health, such as lowering blood pressure and risk of heart disease. Research has shown that simply petting a dog can lower the stress hormone Cortisol and can actually increase the feel-good hormone Oxytocin, also known as “the bonding hormone”.


In this group, we will utilize the benefit of Therapy Dog’s by encouraging interactions with dogs. Playing, petting, or even just sitting with the dogs, can help regulate emotions, control anxiety, and improve overall moods. Our purpose is to utilize human/dog social interaction to help improve self-esteem, decrease stress responses, and boost emotional growth.


* The dogs used for this group are considered small/teacup breeds. This means they are no more than 10 pounds. Group members will be alerted if this changes.

* The dogs used for this group have hair, NOT fur, and are therefore considered hypoallergenic. However, if you are concerned about allergies, please consult your doctor before attending.

* All sessions are in person only.

Please contact Pete Nicholson for scheduling information at 973-479-3535 

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