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Making payments through Patient Ally

Most of the clients at Perlman Counseling have used Patient Ally to fill out intake paperwork online. But did you know you can also make payments online in Patient Ally? This feature is awesome because our clients can make payments to their accounts for copays, deductibles, coinsurances, and cost shares, AND they can also view past payments they have made!

We are encouraging our patients to utilize their Patient Ally accounts as much as possible to pay their bills and keep their accounts up-to-date during the physical office closure and beyond. This handy feature will give our clients peace of mind knowing that their accounts are up to date and that their copays are paid at the start of a session before it shows up as an account balance due.

Here are the steps to access PatientAlly Bill Pay:

1.) Login to your PatientAlly Account

2.) Click Bill Pay

3.) Click the drop down menu that says "Select Provider" and Select "Rachel Perlman"

4.) Select Make Payment*

5.) Confirm your Billing Information

6.) Select "Partial Payment" and enter the desired payment amount or "Full Payment"**

7.) Enter your credit card information in the appropriate fields.

8.) Click "Process Payment"

*This option will only be available if balances are due after insurance claims are processed.

**Carefully select which option you are choosing. Be sure you know the correct amount owed by confirming with a staff member from the office. This will eliminate the potential for over-payments and/or partial payments being made.

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