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Lisa Dittman MA, LPC,Ct.H,NCC. Has new and existing groups and events from Perlman Counseling

Guided Meditation Group and Movement Therapy Group

1) Guided Meditation Group Meditation is a mind-body practice that can help reduce negative emotions and their physical effects. During meditation, we cultivate awareness and increased attention to the present. In general, it can help you reach a relaxed, focused state, help reduce stress, and promote an overall sense of well-being. Guided meditation is a form of focused relaxation where the facilitator uses imagery to help create harmony between the mind and the body. It is a way of focusing your imagination to create calm, peaceful images and provide a “mental escape “. It is similar to a feeling of time slowing down while the body relaxes. The relaxation response we experience during guided meditation can help lower blood pressure and improve heart rate, breathing, and brain waves. Meditation can also reduce problems related to stress and reach goals such as pain management, losing weight, and promoting healing. In this group, we will explore and release physical, mental, and emotional blocks by using guided meditation and mindful breathing. Our purpose is to achieve mental, emotional, and often physical balance, healing, and stress relief. *This group will meet on the last Monday of every month at 8 pm. 2) Movement Therapy Group Movement is beneficial for both physical and mental health. When we move, we increase our muscular strength, coordination, and mobility. At the same time, we decrease muscular tension. In general, it can help you reduce stress, increase mood management, and improve self-confidence and self-esteem. When we exercise our bodies, serotonin (the “feel-good” hormone that makes you feel content) is released and encourages us to experience our movements without judgment. Movement Therapies are an excellent way of learning to pay attention to the senses, both inside and out. As well as teaching an alternative way to express emotions. This is very helpful when processing trauma and other uncomfortable issues that are imprinted in our minds and, as a result, experienced in our bodies and nervous systems. In this group, we will utilize the different techniques of Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT), yoga, and dance to process emotional and/or behavioral health, relieve stress, improve confidence and self-esteem, and increase fine and gross motor skills. Our purpose is to achieve emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration. *The men’s group meets every Friday at 5 pm and the women’s group meets every Friday at 6 pm. **All sessions at Perlman Counseling are virtual. For more information or to sign up, please contact Pete at 973-479-3535 or Email

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