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Financial Assistance with Car Loans and Lease Payments during COVID-19!

YES! You heard that right! We know that COVID-19 has brought forth financial burden for some people. So we wanted to post about a major opportunity that many Americans are seizing to offset some of the burden.

Many banks are offering deferments and other financial options during the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States!

Most major auto-lenders are offering some type of relief during this pandemic. For example, Ally financial is deferring payments for up to 120 days and all you have to do is login to your account to sign up for the deferment option.

Some banks and automakers may require a phone call to make arrangements while others will not.

Please note that interest may still accrue and the arrangements are up to the lender's discretion so not all options will be the same. However, this is something worth looking into.

We will continue to post any and all the information we can find in the upcoming weeks about any financial bailouts for Americans. This may include posts about stipends, loan and bill deferments, etc.

Be sure to subscribe to get updates about when we post to stay informed! STAY WELL!

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