How will I know if my child, family, or myself will need counseling?

Counseling is unique to every individual.  If you are feeling low, out of sorts, questioning choices or decisions in life, and are afraid to discuss it with someone close, you might want to consider counseling. Talking to someone with an objective point of view can be essential at these times

What occurs during a counseling session?

A counseling is a 45-60 minute session. There is no expectation of specific conversation, rather a free form flow of thought and conversations where no criticism or judgment will occur. It can be emotionally cathartic at times. 

Within a group therapy settings 1 hour to an 1 hour and a half depending on age.

What kinds of individuals seek counseling?

You, your neighbor, your best friend, etc. counseling has no boundaries



What insurances are accepted?


Please visit our Services Page to view a list of insurances accepted.







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